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About Hop N Haul Junk Removal

Greetings from Hop N Haul Removers, where we at Hop N Haul Removers believe in sustainability and efficiency in every haul. Situated in the vibrant heart of the San Fernando Valley, we’re attuned at Hop N Haul Removers to the diverse needs of our local community, whether you’re a homeowner, a dedicated gardener, or a passionate small business owner.

If you’re a restaurant owner, we at Hop N Haul Removers understand the challenges of managing daily operations while ensuring your space remains clutter-free and inviting. Likewise, for those running boutiques, offices, or any other enterprise, we’re familiar at Hop N Haul Removers with the unique junk removal needs that different businesses present. From restaurant waste to post-renovation debris or yard waste from a newly landscaped property, we have you covered at Hop N Haul Removers.

At Hop N Haul Removers, we deeply respect concerns about the environmental impact of waste disposal. That’s why we at Hop N Haul Removers pride ourselves on our Eco-friendly approach. Each item we collect is handled with the utmost care at Hop N Haul Removers, ensuring that we reduce the environmental footprint, one piece of junk at a time. It’s our way at Hop N Haul Removers of contributing to a cleaner, greener California.

From commercial junk in North Hollywood to yard waste in Chatsworth or even old appliances in Granada Hills, we’re always ready to serve at Hop N Haul Removers. Our footprint extends across North Hills, Sylmar, Santa Clarita, Van Nuys, Simi Valley, and Canyon Country at Hop N Haul Removers.

Join us at Hop N Haul Removers in our mission to blend efficiency with Eco-consciousness. At Hop N Haul Removers, we don’t just remove the clutter – we pave the way for a sustainable future with each haul.

Why Choose Us?

Your Community's Trusted Junk Removers

Hop N Haul provides reliable, eco-friendly junk and debris removal solutions across the San Fernando Valley for all client types – from North Hollywood restaurant owners to Granada Hills homeowners and Santa Clarita contractors needing construction cleanups.

  • Dependable Across the San Fernando Valley: We provide reliable, on-time junk removal from Simi Valley to Canyon Country.

  • Eco-Conscious Junk Removal: We practice genuine environmental care through recycling and donation programs to reduce landfill waste with our services.

  • Friendly on Your Pocket: Our transparent, budget-friendly pricing ensures you get excellent value from yard waste removal to hot tub hauling.

  • Versatility in Services: We offer diverse junk hauling solutions, with expertise to handle waste disposal for restaurants, renovations, residential and commercial projects.

  • Your Satisfaction, Our Reward: Seamless, professional customer service focused on total satisfaction builds our reputation across the valley.


Choose Hop N Haul, and embrace a cleaner, greener, and junk-free space.

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In North Hollywood, California, a new junk removal company is redefining the approach to clutter and waste management. Hop n Haul, established by the owner, Jose in March 2023, has quickly become a notable presence in the San Fernando Valley for its eco-friendly and efficient services. This family-owned venture started […..] Read more

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